Can I be a distributor of Caffeine?
Possibly, we'll need some information from you though. In becoming a distributor we are endorsing your operation so we need to understand your offering. If you have been open for at least one year using speciality coffee, follow the link here: Questionaire

Can I send you some coffee samples?
We run a blind cupping each issue to find our top 5 seasonal coffees, the best one getting a full page write up in the magazine. We will only consider two bags per roaster per issue, this needs to be a speciality grade, single origin coffee, roasted for filter. Please make sure the coffees are whole bean and fresh crop. Blends will be accepted if they have their origins stated. Coffees will not be individually assessed and commented on or returned. The coffees sent for our cupping do not need to be roasted in the UK but will need to be readily available here.
Espresso and filter coffees will also be posted to our social media channels if we think they are especially tasty or of note. Please send any samples to our usual address which you can get via email through the website contact form.

Can I pitch a feature idea or shoot for Caffeine?
Sure! We'd love to hear your ideas and see your images, we are always looking for new and interesting angles on the world of speciality coffee and working with different people, a few points before you do: 

  • If you are sending images, please limit them the 10 low res pictures
  • If you are sending a feature idea, please limit it to 150 words setting out what you intend to explore, who you'd like to speak to.
  • We are not a trade magazine (we don't cover commercial issues)
  • We do not run features on individual cafes or roasters 
  • We do not run press releases or let PR companies write features for us
Can I do work experience with you?
Sorry, while we have the thin veneer of a multinational mega brand we are actually a rag-tag team of freelancers. While you maybe keen and hardworking we can't be certain you'll make a good Chemex.